Looking for Trustees

The Heritage Green Community Trust awards grants annually to non-profit organizations serving the community of Upper Stoney Creek, which support community-based programs relating to health and social services, art and culture, education, conservation and recreation.

There are currently two volunteer positions available. Criteria for Trustee:

Must be a resident of Upper Stoney Creek living within a 3 km radius of the Terrapure Stoney Creek Regional Facility. Candidates cannot hold a political office while serving on the Heritage Green Community Trust. 

Please submit a statement of qualifications/resume to:

Heritage Green Community Trust, c/o Terrapure Environmental
65 Green Mountain Road W., Stoney Creek, ON L8J 1X5
Resumes can be faxed to (905) 549-4515
or via e-mail to kbailey@terrapureenv.com