Trust Grant Application

* Please read the guidelines carefully when applying for the grants as the Heritage Green Community Trust can only provide funding to organizations that qualify within specific limits.

* Any organization receiving a grant from the Heritage Green Community Trust will be ineligible for further grants for a period of three(3) years from the date of receipt of the grant. Grant recipients will be required to comply with terms and conditions as set out in Guidelines for Grantseeks document.

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Your name
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Your address
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Your phone number
Date of founding *
Date of founding
When will the funds be required? *
When will the funds be required?
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Proposed start-up date
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Proposed completion date


In addition to filling out  and submitting the form above please provide the following documents to the Trust Administrator by email to, by mail or in person at the the Terrapure Environmental Stoney Creek Regional Facility, 65 Green Mountain Road W., Stoney Creek, ON. L8J 1X5;

  1. Copy of the most recent (audited) financial statements
  2. Copy of the current annual budget, the most recent monthly/quarterly operating statement and the budget for this project (including list of expenditures and revenue if applicable) 
  3. Copy of the incorporation document, where applicable
  4. Copy of the document confirming charitable registration status, where applicable
  5. Copy of the latest annual report and/or general information brochure
  6. Document listing how the organization intends to publicize the funding recieved from the Heritage Green Community Trust

*The Trust Administrator will send you an email to confirm receipt of your grant application and the required documents.