Trust Grants

Grants for community, educational or charitable organizations of upper Stoney Creek.

Grants are awarded annually to non-profit organizations serving the community of upper Stoney Creek, which support community-based programs relating to health and social services, art and culture, education, conservation and recreation.


Who qualifies for Grant consideration?

The grant must clearly provide demonstrable benefits to residents residing within 3 kilometers of the perimeter of the Terrapure Environmental Stoney Creek Regional Facility.

Funding Preference will be given to applications which have the following objectives:

  1. Provide enhancement for the community that is perceived to have been impacted by the presence of the Terrapure Environmental Stoney Creek Regional Facility

  2. Enable people within the community to enrich and / or take greater control over their own lives;

  3. Build effective community partnerships

  4. Realize a significant and sustainable result with a moderate amount of funding

  5. That clearly meet and define a need in the community

  6. Have evidence of support from the community organizations and funders

  7. Demonstrate efficient and co-ordinated use of human and financial community resources

  8. Put program beneficiaries in the planning

  9. Demonstrate planning for continuation of the project beyond initial funding

  10. That have a clearly defined and adequate method of evaluating and measuring outcomes

  11. To ensure the dollars are spent with maximum efficiency and long term impact.

When and How Do I Apply for a Grant?

Contact the Heritage Green Community Trust for more information:

Application Forms available by clicking on the link below or by contacting the Trust Administrator at (905) 548-5877 or by e-mail at

Application form

Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the application.

  1. Guidelines for Grantseekers

  2. Heritage Green Community Trust Grant Application

More about the Grants

It is estimated that the Trust will receive approximately $10 million over the 20 years the Terrapure Environmental Stoney Creek Regional Facility is in operation.